Sarah Fitzgerald

Vice-President, Co-Founder

Sarah Fitzgerald

Sarah’s interest in working with animals started at a very young age. She always wanted to grow up to be a Veterinarian and while those cards did not play out as planned, she still fulfills her dream of working with animals on a daily basis.

In 2012 she started a dog rescue called Designer Dog Rescue and through the years has saved over 2000 animals. While the team members of DDR all went on their own paths, an opportunity came up to start anew. And with that Hank’s Legacy Foundation was born. Co-founder with Shelby Elrasidy, a new dream became reality.

With almost 10 years experience in rescue and over 15 years experience working with animals from horses to tiny kittens, HLF will be a high quality animal foster based rescue focusing on those most at need. A dream come true, indeed.

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